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  • Sangheum Moon, a certified public labor attorney, had graduated from department of law at Yonsei University. He is currently working as a labor attorney at the public labor law office and the Ansan support center for temporary workers.

    In addition, he works as a consultant at the Regional Labor Relations Commission of Gyeonggi Province, Protection Committee of Youth Labor Rights Center, and the Small Enterprise Development Agency to help companies, labor unions, and employment agencies work together harmoniously.
  • Heesup Hwang is a certified public accountant and Managing Partner of Hwang Hee Sup Accounting Corporation.

    He has expertise in general tax consulting, tax due deligence service, and merger and acquisition services. Since 1993, he has provided advisory services for many companies such as POSCO, Nestle, Morgan Stanley, Seoul Bank, Jaeil Life Insurances, and the like.
  • Attorney Kyunghee Lee received his J.D. Degree from Northwestern University Law School and currently has offices in Los Angeles, CA and in Irvine, CA. He is an attorney specializing in the immigration law and has handled innumerable amount of cases throughout his career.

    Attorney Lee regularly wrote articles on immigration law in The Korea Times Newspaper, The Education Newspaper in the U.S., and The Eastern Medicine Newspaper. He also appears as a regular guest speaker on RadioK1230 station and answers any question the audience may have regarding all types of immigration matters during his live appearance.
  • Junghoon Oh is a certified public accountant and has been in practice since 1989. He has received his BA in Accounting from California State University and MBA from Arizona State University.

    His outstanding reputation for the client services is earned over two decades of having successful relationships with leading businesses in the community. He provides a wide range of professional services in accounting, auditing, tax, management consulting, and more. His clients range from a small retail stores to multi-national corporations and non-profit entities. He has also assisted Korean subsidiary companies in the United States with audits, general accounting, and their complex tax matters.