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  • Kyesook Shin has built her career background in IT and Consumer Goods. She started her career when she served as the HR Manager at Modus Media. She worked at AP Consulting and ESCO in search business Holding as a consultant.

    After she joined Nterway Partners in 2004, Consultant Shin proved her wealth of experiences as she flawlessly completed a number of large projects. Her current emphasis is on manufacturing, construction, and real estate. She prides herself in delivering satisfying services to clients regardless of the demands. In addition, she has a strong command of English.

    Specialize in construction, Engineering, Real Estate Development, Machinery, Steel, and Automobile
  • Seungwon Seo worked as the HR/Labor Department Manager of Daewoo Electronic Components, where he brought out remarkable outcomes, such as winning the Korea Productivity Grand Prize in the Labor-Management Cooperation and being selected as the company of New Culture in Labor-Management by the Ministry of Labor. He also worked at Prochild Semiconductor Inc. as the HR Manager.

    He is highly trusted by many clients for his outstanding performance and abundant knowledge in the areas of HR, Machinery, and Heavy Industry.

    Specialize in Plant, Energy, Chemical, Machinery, HR, Planning, R&D, and Engineer
  • With extensive experience in media, content, entertainment, and ICT, Dongyoun Jun is an I&E consultant who has extensive experience in recommending executives and senior executives of large and medium enterprises and provides services that are one step ahead of market needs.
    Furthermore, he has a number of achievements in recommending core talents to fresh enterprises and enterprises that seek company expansion. Also, he is competitive in the face of the growing demand for global talent. Based on his expertise and knowledge in various projects with media companies and organizations, he is able to understand not only the consulting and recruiting characteristics of companies in the relevant fields, but also our customers and candidates.

    He works with a sense of professional ethics and mission of Headhunters, and has been at the forefront of discovering companies that can identify and maximize the potential value and capacity of candidates. With positive attitude, he will do his best to maintain the trust of both client companies and candidates.

    Specialized in Media, OTT, Game, P.P, Entertainment, Content Producer, Service Management, Media Business
  • Consultant Kyungmo(matt) Shin was in charge of marketing, public relations and sales at a major Hollywood foreign company. After new business strategic planning for domestic listed company, he directed new media branding and digital business from planning to partnership, sourcing, sales, and IT development, leading to future acquisition businesses.
    As a team leader for 15 years, he has accumulated plenty of experience in discovering and fostering talent through several organizational settings for the company’s new business growth. Seventeen years of experience in foreign multinational companies is highly competitive in understanding recruitment characteristics that global clients need and conducting appropriate career coaching for candidates.

    I will build trust through honest and clear communication and create the best environment for candidates to seriously consider proposals. I will carefully concern the client and candidates’ needs, bringing passion about newness so they are not afraid of challenges.

    Responsible for recommending professional talent in domestic and foreign areas of IT, digital, media, contents, games, and logistics services.
  • I have a deep understanding and professionalism about the Pharmaceutical industry as I have over 20 years of Sales and marketing experience in that particular industry. Based on this I am able to recognize business’s needs and candidate’s key competencies and have been recommending candidates with sales, marketing, PR, manufacturing, R&D and at C-level.

    I will provide a win-win situation where both the company’s culture and management style can bring out the best in the candidate’s competencies. With clear communication and trust I will replace candidate’s fear and questions with excitement and satisfaction about their new role.

    As the general manager of sales and marketing at companies such as Boehringer-Ingelheim, Handok and Hanwha I achieved dominant performance.

    Specialized in Pharmaceutical/Biology/Biotechnology, Medical Device, Advertisement/Public Relations(PR), Automobile/Machinery, Chemical Engineering/Petrochemistry, New Renewable Energy (Solar/Wind/Water Power)
  • In the chemical and plant industries, Consultant Jaehyeok has performed various tasks such as chemical engineering plant contract/process design, strategic planning, new business development, and BM innovation for more than 15 years. In addition, He has been communicating with talented people in various fields through expertise acquisition and networking while learning in specialized fields. Based on this experience, He communicates with a customers and candidates smoothly. In addition, Jaehyeok committed to discovering and recommending the right people for our customers, while satisfying the needs of our candidates, and proud to be a trusted consultant.

    As a consultant, Jaehyeok will accurately catch and match customer needs and support the recruitment process smoothly. In addition, He will accurately convey candidate information such as job skills, reputation, strengths and weaknesses. In addition, he will support career growth through close communication with candidates. In this way, both the client company and the candidate are constantly building trust to win-win.

    He gained experience by working in plant, construction, and chemical fields such as SK Eco Plant, POSCO E&C, and KCC Central Research Institute.

    Specialized in Architecture/Civil Engineering/CM/Plant/Engineering, Petrochemistry/Chemical Engineering, Energy/Environment, Shipbuilding/Flight/Space Industry, Pharmaceutical/Biology/Biotechnology/Medical Device, DT/AI/Big Data/Cloud
  • Chae-Hoon has been working as HR practitioner at a large company for more than 10 years and has carried out various human resource discovery projects and HR consulting work. So it is possible to find customized talent and companies that fit the management, organizational situation, and candidate’s annual leave and experience of the client company. With years of experience in personnel management of thousands of employees, including executives, he has practical experience and communication/sympathy to understand the situation and requirements of our customers and applicants and connect them with the best companies/applicants who appreciate their value. In particular, he is a consultant who can provide customized consulting and suggestions with a full understanding of labor contracts, personnel/reward systems, and many years of employment and maintenance work.

    First, the practical experience of management planning and management support (HR) of the headquarters and group companies of large companies can fully understand and sympathize with the needs and needs of the client/applicant. Second, he has a basic understanding of the industry, and he works as a personnel management practitioner, including recruitment, and have an understanding of various occupations such as marketing, IT, network, corporate consulting, R&D, management planning, and management support (personnel, labor). Third, through the employment experience of a number of different career professionals, customized consulting (competitiveness) and suggestions are possible for applicants. Finally, he is a successful consultant who selects the company/human resources he wants and does his best without giving up on matching.

    He works as a HR executive at KT headquarters and KT Group, and has experience in positioning and HR consulting in various occupations and industries. In particular, it is possible to analyze the company`s business and provide customized consulting on the personnel/reward system with experience in hiring, evaluating, and remuneration for various industries/jobs.

    Specialized in Network/Communication/IT Infrastructure, DT/AI/Big Data/Cloud, Travel/Leisure/Sports, Game/Character/Animation, Advertisement/Public Relations(PR)/Marketing, Professionals