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  • Sean Kim worked at CJ Foodville in Korea as a Strategy and Planning Manager and managed new franchise concepts and brand development to overseas business development in the U.S., China, and Vietnam. Sean was relocated to Los Angeles as a COO of CJ Foodville USA to operate and manage franchise businesses in U.S.

    After 17 years in the Food Services Industry, Mr. Kim has come to believe that at the point of purchase it is not just a product that makes the experience special but the people who work their best to provide memorable services, in other words, people are the most valuable asset in any industry. As a consultant, Mr. Kim strives to provide personalized experiences to the candidates and clients.
  • John Park served as a BPM consultant at Andersen Consulting in Washington D. C., and worked on projects regarding profitability and analysis business value. He went back to Korea and worked for Doosan Corporation in the Strategic Planning Department where he successfully dealt with a number of core projects such as M&A, budgeting, and marketing strategy planning.

    He founded Nterway Partners in 2000. He has firm a belief that an excellent headhunting company should fulfill two basic conditions; the company owns qualified consultants and it arms with professionalism to satisfy the client's needs.

    Finance, Banking, Securities, Consulting , Strategic Planning
  • Hans Park previously worked at Yonhap News Agency, where he started out as a reporter in economy sectors. While he covered various industries and organizations regarding electronics, automobiles, trading, shipbuilding, tourism, hotels, consulting, and the like ,his interests naturally inclined towards HR and job areas.

    Accepting the position as the Vice President, he joined Nterway Partners in 2001. His experiences include placing a number of important positions, such as CEO, COO, and senior managers. In addition, he was first to receive the GCDF from NCDA in Korea. He is also a committee member of Seoul National University Job Center and Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education & Training.

    PR, Marketing, Advertising and Sales, Career Consulting Service
    Consultant Miyoung C. Nancarrow started her work as researcher at a staffing firm, and has worked as researcher, and consultant in Nterway Partners Co., Ltd. In Korea. As a consultant, she has successfully done various projects in professions (Strategy/Marketing/IT Consultant, and Lawyer), Construction(CFO), Real estate(Real estate developer and related specialist), Steel (HR, Strategy, Secretary) etc. In 2005, Consultant Miyoung moved to California, the U.S., and worked as VP for 5 years in MCN real estate online company from startup to growth.