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  • Rebeca Kim, the head consultant in the Service division, specializes in distribution and hospitality industries such as on/off-line distribution channel, food, fashion, beauty, and entertainment. She has shown great achievements recommending executive level positions in marketing, task and force, and planning in the field.

    Her previous professional experiences in Samsung Fire&Marine Insurance, CJ Homeshopping in education, HR, planning, media channel management, and marketing guided her to find the exact needs of clients from the HR aspects. She turned to the future-oriented industries, such as online shopping, health care, and fashion/beauty/luxury goods, other than traditional consumer goods, and with her special interpersonal skills, she expanded her people network for the best outcome.

    Specialize in Luxury brands, Fashions, Cosmetics, Health care, Broadcasting, Entertainment, On/off line shopping malls
  • Alysha Lee has her background in Chinese related businesses, from working at Air China and KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency). She utilized fluency in Chinese from both organizations marketing area utilizing her fluency in Chinese.

    Joining Nterway in 2002, she has a great record of talent placement for foreign luxurious brands for fashion, jewelry, and cosmetics in the past 10 years. With 10 years of successful placement experiences, she developed keen eyes to what clients need and what types of talents she recommends. With her high proficiency in Chinese language, she has succeeded in various Chinese talent searching projects.

    Specialize in Domestic & Foreign consumers, Luxurious brands, Hotels, and Other hospitality companies
  • Yunjin is a Sr. consultant in the Service division of Nterway Partners delivering recruitment service to various consumer companies in fashion, cosmetics, reports, food & beverage, restaurants for product management, planning, design, corporate strategy, sales and marketing, and human resources positions. As well as conglomerates, she provides the most differentiated recruitment services to small to medium-sized companies where hiring the right person is critical.

    Prior to joining Nterway Partners, Yunjin developed her professional skills and knowledge at global fashion companies, such as ' Ralph Lauren,' fashion magazine company, 'Design House,' and top-level fashion/accessory company as a PR/Brand management/Sales & Marketing planning/Fashion reporter. Her insight and experiences lead to great recruitment performances.

    Specialize in Fashion, Cosmetics, Food & Beverage, Product management, Planning, Design, Corporate strategy, Sales and Marketing, and Human resources
  • Consumer industry can be described as individualistic sensibility business based on manufacture regarding the food, clothing, and shelter, the three requisites of human life. Consumer field is on the path of change and innovation through department store, roadside shops, outlet, etc. on the basis of analysis of consumption propensity and space of consumption. Online distribution also has a potential for improving in diverse ways from the existing mall or home shopping to the mobile or social commerce.

    Prior to joining Nterway Partners, Seungjae Lee had spent 15 years at fashion retailing company, and earned insight into fashion industry and understanding on process from planning to production. For 15 years, Seung Jae Lee had experienced sales MD, planning MD, purchasing, production, etc. at fashion company such as Elcanto, Tomboy, Fashion Group Hyungji, LF, etc. On the basis of professional knowledge, Seungjae Lee possesses searching skill for the qualified candidate and an accurate analysis on the client's requirement.

    Specialize in Sales MD, Planning MD, Purchasing, Production, etc.
  • Consultant Younghoon Chung has extensive experience in consulting, consumer goods, distribution, restaurant and food service industries. He has been continuously recommending and introducing talented people to global and domestic companies through various networks.

    After working at SPC Group for 20 years, He has succeeded in launching various new food service brands such as Baskin Robbins, Dunkin Donuts, Segafredo, Pascucci, Jamba Juice, etc. With many years of experience in such area, he is highly knowledgeable about brand management and marketing. In addition, he has a great record of finding capable individuals and building the organizational structure that facilitates the development of new start-up companies. His experience lead him to be skilled at giving high quality advice to new businesses. He is looking forward to help the client in finding sutable career or qualified candidate.

    Specialize in Distribution, Consumer goods, Food&beverage, Service industry
  • Consultant Jeeyeon Kim has a long experience in the New York and other various global fashion industries.Based on her wide range of work experiences in the fashion industry, she is able to accurately recognize the requirements of each position and satisfy both clients and candidates.

    She always tries her best to provide accurate opportunities and directions to the clients and candidates with her humble, enthusiastic, and open-minded personality.

    Specialize in Designer, MD, MR, Sourcing, e-commerce, Marketing
  • Based on his experience in various distribution channels such as discount stores, corporate supermarkets and convenience stores, consultant Seoung has a high understanding of distribution and franchise businesses, especially in the areas of on/offline product planning (MD), franchise store development, and franchise management.

    As the former head of the discount store/enterprise supermarket/ convenience store MD, MD team leader, and convenience store merchant sales team leader, he knows what kinds of abilities that a suitable candidate must possess. Furthermore, his experience enabled him to clearly understand the particular needs of the franchise, retail, or distribution companies.

    Expertise in Retail (Online commerce, discount stores, convenience stores, H&B), Franchise (Food and beverage, dining out, household goods, beauty accessories), food manufacturer, logistics company
  • Consultant Hwasung Jung has 24 years of experience working for the Korea's leading food, bakery, dessert, and coffee frianchise company. He has performed a wide range of duties in the food distribution sector, including frianchise sales and marketing, sales support, training TQM, store development, and SI. He has expertise in launching new brands (food and beverage) and establishing sales, marketing and frianchise systems.

    Consultant Hwasung Jung wants to provide fast and accurate information to clients and candidates through a wide range of networks in the food/drinks and dining industry. With his clear communication skill, he would like to help the clients to find right people, and help the candidates to find the right companies. He will provide satisfactory consulting based on passion, sincerity, and trust.

    Expertise in groceries, restaurant franchise, consumer goods, etc.
  • Prior to joining Nterway Partners, Hyonok Bang had spent more than 10 years at oversea and foreign company, and had experienced in sales, marketing, technology business and business development.

    Because both of client and candidate are valuable partners, Hyonok Bang will do her best to find the right person for company, and lead candidate to achieve one's goal at a new company. Based on motto "until the customer is satisfied" and insight into IT business field, Hyonok Bang will recommend the core talent for the company.

    Specialize in Sales, Engineer, Marketing, Business development
  • Consultant Kyongtae Kim has been engaged in sales and marketing activities for foreign entertainment groups, wine importers, etc. through large food related companies. With many years of experience in consumer products and HR consulting, he is able to quickly identify what the companies are looking for in a candidate. He possesses a high understanding and networking for consumer goods, distribution, and entertainment, he is able to provide suitable talent recommendations for clients and career management consulting for candidates with a base in insight and communication skills.

    He was responsible for sales and marketing at Lotte Food, Warner Bros, Korea. Since 2011 he has been creating numerous success stories in department such as sales, marketing, planning, SCM, financial staff and executives in food, dining, and alcoholic beverages and distribution and service areas as a headhunter.

    Specialize in distribution, consumer goods, and service areas such as sales, marketing, planning, SCM, finance.
  • Consultant Eunju Lee prides her work as 'something that can brighten another person's life. Based on her diverse life experiences, she can identify the candidates' need and deliver full potential to clients, and seeks a win-win situation for both client and candidate.

    After trade working for DHL then to catering management and international hotel service business, she gained insight working these jobs and it heightened her communication capability and to keep an eye out for suitable candidates for certain clients. With this, she was successful in finding capable candidates for different jobs for search firm abroad.
    Today's happiness is created when your bright future in drawn. We will work together in drawing that bright future.

    Specialize in Cosmetics, fashion, catering, retail, and internet services, etc
  • I have accumulated expertise through extensive experience in advertising and marketing such as food and restaurant franchise at large in-house advertising agency and mid-sized advertising agency. Especially, I am a consultant who has a good sense of the industry due to my rich experience in food and restaurant franchise such as ramen, snack, beverage, chicken, coffee, etc. With my unique delicacy and smooth communication, I am recognized as a partner who cooperates with customers for long terms and who wants to be worked with, and I do my best as a middleman to satisfy both customers and candidates. Based on its meticulous and detailed analysis, I respond more quickly to the rapidly changing market conditions and customer needs, presenting optimized results.

    My motto is to find differentiated capabilities, to find insight from customers and candidates, to create sharp strategies, and to create better results when all of these come together into positive energy.

    Specialize in Responsible for recommending professional talent in consumer goods & services of foreign companies
  • Consultant Sue Park specializes in distribution, food service, food and cosmetic industries of domestic and foreign companies. She especially has been constantly recommending potential individuals to strategy, planning and new enterprise field of major companies in Korea.

    Based on her experiences in airline and education field, she possesses meticulous and speedy work performance and remarkable communication skill. For client companies she recommends the most appropriate candidates and for candidates she provides opportunities for them to develop their career. Thus, both client companies and candidates are satisfied with her work.
  • Consultant Hyunji Ye had worked for F&B, franchises, service, education, culture related companies and had been responsible for overall sales, planning, MD, etc. Based on her systematic working experience at large companies, she is a consultant who is sensitive to new content and trend, and who can quickly identify the needs of the clients and candidates. Furthermore, she is an experienced professional who has obtained international certificates for food and beverage such as Q grader, SCAE, and Mixology.

    With her ability to analyze the fast changing trends quickly, Consultant Ye is capable of placing a candidate with the right talent in the right position.

    Specialized in F&B, Distribution, service, franchises, cultural art, e-commerce, theme parks, edutainment etc.