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  • consultant Yunwon Jeong has 17 years of experience in various industries. He led the success of Korean movie, Nut Job, in Hollywood, led the launch of clothing brands, and continued to work in licensing business, distribution, and marketing of various brands.

    He is able to understand the needs of the client with a variety of experiences in domestic and foreign companies. He has the ability to find suitable candidates who match companies' demands, as well as teh ability to identify the current situation of industry and predict the future trends.

    Specialized in finance, media, distribution, fashion etc.
  • Consultant semi has worked in the insurance industry for more than 10 years and has a high understanding and expertise in the industry. Experience various customer and consignee management and has smooth communication skills. Through various work experiences in the field, she will understand and recommend suitable talent required by the company to provide high-quality services.

    As a consultant connecting companies and talent, the goal is to find the candidate`s jewel-like value and to ensure that the company and the candidate`s expectations are aligned. With the thought that every candidates have potential, she will strengthen the strengths of candidates according to the talent and qualification requirements that companies want, compensate for their weaknesses, look at them from various angles, and communicate to provide consulting that both companies and candidates.

    For 12 years, she worked for KB Damage Assessment and Heungkuk Fire & Marine Insurance, which are insurance industries, and was in charge of compensation planning, compensation quality management, and compensation. She is an insurance expert who has expertise in damage assessment and data analysis and has experience in managing various customers and consignors.

    Specialize in Finance, Financial Investment, Digital Finance, Consulting/Research/Laboratory, Professionals, DT/AI/Big Data/Cloud