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  • Representative consultant Yundong Yoo is an expert in recommendation of C-level candidates for IT, electronics and manufacturing companies. He is also specialized with a wide range of recommendations such as strategy, marketing, sales, technology, development, consulting, SI/SM field as well as big data, AI, VR etc.

    With a wide human network built in IT field for nearly 20 years, he has the outstanding ability to identify hidden talents as well as those exposed in the job market.

    He provides personalized counseling on career management, such as mid-to long-term vision and future direction for candidates, and consulting on future business areas, including strategy and methods to secure human resources for clients.
  • Youngsun(Sunny) Kim was a software programmer and a system specialist at major company, financial company, and foreign company. Coding various SW, setup infra systems, and working for APAC region IT projects, I have experienced all parts of IT fields. IT expertise, hands-on experience, and working for different types of industries which brought me to have talent to search right candidates for company needs regardless of industries and job categories. My goal is to reach mutual benefit : For employers, it is to hire talented people while for employees, it is to find a work environment for employees to present their skills to maximum capacity. So, career consultants should be an advisor and a listener w/expertise and humanity to both employers and employees.

    Educational Background B.S. in Computer Engineering at Ewha Women`s University

    Field of Expertise SI/Solution, Information Security, Network/Communication/IT Infrastructure, On-line Distribution, H&B, DT/AI/Big Data/Cloud
  • Jinsuk Lee, a consultant, previously worked in various kinds of industries such as SI business, distribution in a major firm, media, healthcare etc. Thus, she has profound understanding and professionalism in those areas. She also has strengths in recommending and discovering talent in virtue of her field experience, knowledge of IT industry, and her strong network she has built up.

    Presently, she's in charge of Commerce, Mobile, Security, Internet of things, Semiconductor field, high-quality Engineer areas in domestic and international companies. When it comes to recommending core talents, she has high rate of success due to idealized talents' list and experience in recommending talents for many years. She'll do her utmost for customer satisfaction as always and will be your best running mate.

    Specialize in Commerce, Mobile, Security, Internet of things, Semiconductor industry
  • Consultant Jaewoong Han had worked for major enterprises such as Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. and LG Innotek for more than 20 years as an expert in semiconductor. He has various practical experiences and knowledge in research development, production, technology marketing, and customer quality, etc. Furthermore, his experience as a task leader in new business has enabled him to gain a better understanding of people and business. These capabilities allowed him to clearly understand the position and accurately recommend the people you need.

    Through active and honest communication, he aims to clearly understand what clients and candidates want, and create a win-win relationship between them.

    Specialized in semiconductors, IT, electricity, electronics related industries
  • [Rich Job Experience]
    Director Donald Kwag has been a key player in content, commerce, marketing, and global business at CJENM for over 20 years. His expertise can be verified through a Google search.

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    ‘There is no other market that has such potential for home shopping’: Donald Kwag, Star CJ Alive

    As a former PD, he has extensive experience in producing and managing various content, including terrestrial, CATV, and live commerce content. He also possesses a high-level network both domestically and internationally through his involvement in various projects, such as new business strategy development, marketing, business management, and M&A.

    [Ability to Read Market Trends]
    With over 10 years of experience in the fast-paced global employment market, he provides comprehensive solutions for companies that are struggling to develop new survival strategies in the rapidly changing job market trends in Korea and proactive career development for candidates dreaming of it.

    [Far-sighted Consulting]
    He goes beyond simply introducing suitable candidates that match the JD (Job Description) required by the client company. Instead, he works with an understanding of the client`s management team and in-house HR level, clearly identifying the winning points from the candidate`s career development perspective and proceeding with a sense of speed.

    Former CJENM (Commerce Division) Content Production Department Head/Manager (Overall Content Production)
    Former CJENM (Commerce Division) Global Business Director (Overall Overseas Business, BOD member of 11 overseas subsidiaries in 9 countries)
    Former CJ O Shopping Global Business Management Team Leader/Innovation Team Leader/Support Team Leader
    Former Shop CJ India Marketing Team Leader (Overseas Resident)
    Former Korea Economic TV PD
    Former SBS Production PD
    With over 20 years of experience working at core affiliates of CJ Group, he has held
    leadership positions in more than six diverse organizations such as commerce, content,
    marketing, and international business, possessing differentiated professional capabilities.

    Specialized in Internet Shopping Mall/E-commerce/Online Shopping/Home Shopping, Advertisement/Public Relations(PR)/Marketing, Media/Broadcasting/Press, Entertainment/Film/Event, H&B, Portal/Contents/Internet
  • With 22 years of hands-on experience in the fields of Construction, Manufacturing, IT, Gaming, and Service industries, the Enterway Consultant has specialized in HR, planning, and business division tasks. Their expertise has centered around hiring and nurturing talents that fit the specific needs of corporations. Leveraging this specialized field experience, they possess a competitive edge in recommending talents that align with both market and company demands. Through various networking activities, they have introduced talented individuals to numerous companies based in Seoul and other regions. Their expertise continues to expand, offering optimal services to ensure a WIN-WIN situation for both clients and candidates.

    As both a consultant and career coach, the approach focuses on creating an ideal matching process where the visions of individuals and companies align. For candidates, they offer realistic visions where their core values are recognized and acknowledged. For client companies, they relay comprehensive details about the candidate, including their personality type, work strengths and weaknesses, and background checks, all to foster trust between the candidate and the client. They approach headhunting with the conviction that it serves as a "bridge of hope and dreams" to craft a new future between companies and their core talents.

    With a consistent 22-year tenure in the HR, planning, and business division sectors of the Construction, Manufacturing, IT, Gaming, and Service industries, they have maintained specialized roles both in practical tasks and leadership, making them a consultant that truly understands corporate realities.

    Architecture/Civil Engineering/CM/Plant/Engineering, Real Estate/Interior/Asset Management, Electricity/Electronics/Semiconductor, Game/Character/Animation, SI/Solution/Software, Network/Communication/IT Infrastructure
  • Consultant Yoseph Chang conducts extensive talent recommendations across various industries and fields, possessing a profound understanding and experience in the overall business. With analytical skills and experience in the specific industry and role, he diligently responds to client requests through a well-established professional network.

    I will become a reliable ally bridging the gap between individuals and businesses.

    Recommended talents for numerous companies at a leading domestic executive search firm.

    Electricity/Electronics/Semiconductor, Petrochemistry/Chemical Engineering, Professionals, Consulting/Research/Laboratory, Pharmaceutical/Biology/Biotechnology/Medical Device, Public Institution
  • I have worked in planning and marketing activities in industries such as broadcasting media and health & beauty for over ten years. Therefore I have good understanding and expertise in these industries. Based on this experience and solid network built in practice, I have insight and talent pool to clearly analyze and recommend customized talent for the job clients want.
    Also, I have experience in organization setting and operation in new business areas for company growth in a start-up, having outstanding talent discovery and development skills.
    Judgment that analyzes each the client’s and the candidate’s needs clearly, and customized consulting based on this judgment can produce the best results. For clients, I thoroughly identify the corporate culture, talent concept, and job competency the clients pursue and recommend talents who can create a vision together. For candidates, based on my experience in this business for over a decade, I give the best career opportunities with realistic and professional consulting that aligns with their career direction.
    I have high field experience and understanding in the media industry as I was responsible for contents planning, production, and marketing, and I worked as the marketing chief in the Health & Beauty industry.

    Specialized in Media/New Media/Entertainment, Pharmaceutical/Biology/Biotechnology, On-line Distribution, DT/AI/Big Data/Cloud, Environment/Waste, Real Estate Development/Asset Management
  • Chae-Hoon has been working as HR practitioner at a large company for more than 10 years and has carried out various human resource discovery projects and HR consulting work. So it is possible to find customized talent and companies that fit the management, organizational situation, and candidate’s annual leave and experience of the client company. With years of experience in personnel management of thousands of employees, including executives, he has practical experience and communication/sympathy to understand the situation and requirements of our customers and applicants and connect them with the best companies/applicants who appreciate their value. In particular, he is a consultant who can provide customized consulting and suggestions with a full understanding of labor contracts, personnel/reward systems, and many years of employment and maintenance work.

    First, the practical experience of management planning and management support (HR) of the headquarters and group companies of large companies can fully understand and sympathize with the needs and needs of the client/applicant. Second, he has a basic understanding of the industry, and he works as a personnel management practitioner, including recruitment, and have an understanding of various occupations such as marketing, IT, network, corporate consulting, R&D, management planning, and management support (personnel, labor). Third, through the employment experience of a number of different career professionals, customized consulting (competitiveness) and suggestions are possible for applicants. Finally, he is a successful consultant who selects the company/human resources he wants and does his best without giving up on matching.

    He works as a HR executive at KT headquarters and KT Group, and has experience in positioning and HR consulting in various occupations and industries. In particular, it is possible to analyze the company`s business and provide customized consulting on the personnel/reward system with experience in hiring, evaluating, and remuneration for various industries/jobs.

    Specialized in Network/Communication/IT Infrastructure, DT/AI/Big Data/Cloud, Travel/Leisure/Sports, Game/Character/Animation, Advertisement/Public Relations(PR)/Marketing, Professionals