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  • Kyesook Shin has built her career background in IT and Consumer Goods. She started her career when she served as the HR Manager at Modus Media. She worked at AP Consulting and ESCO in search business Holding as a consultant.

    After she joined Nterway Partners in 2004, Shin proved her wealth of experiences as she flawlessly completed a number of large projects. Her current emphasis is on manufacturing, construction, and real estate. She prides herself in delivering satisfying services to clients regardless of the demands. In addition, she has a strong command of English.

    Construction, Engineering, Real Estate Development, Machinery, Steel, and Automobile
  • Prior to joining Nterway Partners, Sang Kyun Oh has been devoting himself in the major pharmaceutical companies such as Handok Pharm., Kyongbo Pharm., CJ Bioengineering, and the division in the area of QM and QA. In these companies he gained diverse experiences and knowledge in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Over-the-Counter Medications, Antibiotics, Biologicals, Anti-Cancer, and the like. In addition, his recent experiences include the HR/Administrative Manager at Boram and an affiliated company of LG Electronics.

    Oh prides himself of being a former ROTC officer, saying strength lies in his strong drive force stemming from responsibility and trust which are his most cherished values.

    Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Bio, Petroleum, Chemical, Energy, Environmental
  • As a consultant in C&C division (Energy and Chemical industries), Hoon Jun recommends such outstanding candidates in Chemical, Plastic, Gas, Energy, petroleum refining for R&D, sales & marketing, and manufacturing positions.

    12 years in local & special sales at LG chemical, He has professional experiences in participating in various marketing projects, setting up marketing strategies, and many others. Especially, he participated in the marketing project for "Z:in", the total interior solution brand from LG Hausis, and he conducted ATL/BTL marketing works. As a project leader for Total System Wrapping, he reached 2 billion won revenue (net income of 0.6 billion) for 2 years when he finished the new project successfully. When he conducts a new project, he shows great leadership and integrity by working from the beginning to the end of the project as clients demands. He is the helping hand of designing, printing, applying, providing, and following up the services. (Specification : successful cases in McDonald, Haetae, Crown, Maeil Milk, LG Electronics, and many others)

    Plant, Machinery, Heavy industries, and Construction
  • Seungwon Seo worked as the HR/Labor Department Manager of Daewoo Electronic Components, where he brought out remarkable outcomes, such as winning the Korea Productivity Grand Prize in the Labor-Management Cooperation and being selected as the company of New Culture in Labor-Management by the Ministry of Labor. He also worked at Prochild Semiconductor Inc. as the HR Manager.

    He is highly trusted by many clients for his outstanding performance and abundant knowledge in the areas of HR, Machinery, and Heavy Industry.

    Plant, Energy, Chemical, Machinery, HR, Planning, R&D, and Engineer
  • In Hyuk Lee is a consultant in medicine manufacture, clinical, diagnostic reagent, medical appliance, and bio industry field. Based on news and network from key man of each field, he recommends the most qualified talent.

    He possesses the ability to react promptly, and analyze the clients' request accurately. Through extensive networking, and precise verification of candidate, he is concentrating on overseas talents also. In addition, consultant Lee examines business/industry trend continuously to find out hidden value of candidate.

    In Hyuk Lee considers quick feedback and security the most important in relationship among candidates and client companies so he is willing to put his effort for the best talent.

    Strategic planning, Marketing, Quality assurance, Purchasing, etc. in Medicine and Medical supplies