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  • Byungmoon Hong was in charge of HR management, Training, and TQM at the HR department of Hyundai Department Store, which is a major figure in the Korean retail market. He successfully propelled training of CS representatives and development of the internal web system for sales personnel management. In sales, he gained experiences in buying when he worked in the product management department. He performed a full range of responsibilities in PB Development, Product MD Management, Customer Touch Points Management, and Brand Relationship Management.

    Hong's expertise in system management and customer service earned him a deep insight into fast-changing business trends. Underpinned by such strengths, he is successfully scouting talents in MD management, product merchandising, contents management, customer service of the retail, and service industry.

    Finance, Securities, Insurance, and Asset management
  • Sungsu Han has experienced as a working-level and CEO in advertising agency, and restaurant franchise for 17 years from establishment of a fashion jewelry and accessory company, Juliet, in 1998.

    Sungsu Han has a wealth of experience in analysis of new business and planning. He has accumulated experience in various fields such as product development and planning, store development, market research, product management, sales planning and management, marketing planning and strategy, and business management support. Sungsu Han has the high talent and ability in ATL, BTL, etc., and possesses wide network in consumer, and service industry.

    The most important thing is to put the right talent in the right place, because through the right placement, the company raises efficiency of work, and develops profit. Candidate also looks for the company providing opportunity that one is able to show one's ability in right position, and feel fulfilled in one's job.

    Sungsu Han possesses his own know-how and knowledge in distribution industry through communication with the clients build up over 17 years, and now based on this experience, and confidence, he is ready to meet the company and candidate.

    Franchise brand development, Marketing planning, Store development, Product planning and development, Sales management and planning, HR
  • Yunjin is a Sr. consultant in the Service division of Nterway Partners delivering recruitment service to various consumer companies in fashion, cosmetics, reports, food & beverage, restaurants for product management, planning, design, corporate strategy, sales and marketing, and human resources positions. As well as conglomerates, she provides the most differentiated recruitment services to small to medium-sized companies where hiring the right person is critical.

    Prior to joining Nterway Partners, Yunjin developed her professional skills and knowledge at global fashion companies, such as ' Ralph Lauren,' fashion magazine company, 'Design House,' and top-level fashion/accessory company as a PR/Brand management/Sales & Marketing planning/Fashion reporter. Her insight and experiences lead to great recruitment performances.

    Fashion, Cosmetics, Food & Beverage, Product management, Planning, Design, Corporate strategy, Sales and Marketing, and Human resources
  • Consultant Jooseok Kim believes that new value creation is embodied through new talent in current company environment emphasizing harmony and communication so he intends to provide best career consulting.

    Jooseok Kim tries to contribute to growth of the company through securing of the qualified talent, and one's improvement in career through changing job at the right time.

    Prior to joining Nterway, Jooseok Kim has mainly performed planning and strategy project in field of distribution, media, education, etc., and he will be doing his best to provide optimal opportunity for both of company and candidate continuously exposed to competitive condition.

    Accounting, IR, Analysis, Strategy, Overseas planning