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  • Kay Kim is a senior consultant in manufacture & machinery area and specializes in automotive, machinery, manufacture, IT, and mobile industries for executives, directors, and managers. With his previous experiences in IT & business consulting, he has a speedy and accurate understanding in what market really requires. He also senses the industrial transition quickly to secure the right talents for what industries need.

    He believes that recruiting process similar to 'marriage' as the process ends when you find 'the one'. His motto is to provide "pleasant relationships based on trust", both to clients and talents. His strengths are not limited to sophisticated communicate skills, efficient work style, data analysis abilities, and useful IT knowledge, but also a number of lecturing experiences in talent descovery in certain industries and powerful presentations.

    Engineer and Manager level in solution. SI, Electronics, and Machinery
  • Prior to joining Nterway Partners, Jung, Don-hui consultant has fulfilled sales planning/strategy, overseas sales, new business, company culture, communication, PR, HRD, GWP tasks in petrochemistry and global resources/energy conglomerate.

    Consultant Jung believes in "Talent in organization, organization in talent", and considers talent who harmonizes with company culture from balanced perspectives of all. He thinks his main role is helping and supporting the candidate toadapt to new working environment because having a new recruit in company is a big challenge for both employee and employer.

    Strategy, Planning, Marketing, R&D, Human resource, New business, etc. in industry of Chemistry, Resources, Energy, Mechanic, and Steel
  • Prior to joining Nterway Partners, Ally Lee has worked in Danfoss, Danish multinational industrial corporations, as a strategy marketing director of Asia-Pacific area performing a large number of global projects, and local marketing strategy. She was also in charge of technology business, business development, and finding foreign enterprise of Refrigerations and Air-Conditioning market in Korea.

    Ally Lee is responsible for heavy/manufacturing industry based on machinery, shipbuilding, automobile, etc. With advantage of wide networking, and global project experiences in multinational corporations, Ally Lee recommends highly qualified talents in diverse fields such as marketing, sales, strategy, planning, R&D, HR, business development, etc. Especially Ally Lee is competent in understanding the strength of global manpower having diverse cultural backgrounds, and based on deep knowledge and insight in industry, she provides consulting satisfying both of client and candidate.

    Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Planning, R&D, HR, Business development, etc.